The Red Wind / Moondog (1969)

Other songs

The Visitor (1971) on ‘Tracks of Interfolk’
Oregon / Two Hand One Man Band (1991) on ‘Derroll Adams 65th Birthday Concert’
Goodbye Derroll Goodbye Friend (2002) on ‘Banjoman – a tribute to Derroll Adams’


Marsha Hunt: Woman Child (1969)
Serge Kerval: Serge Kerval (1974)
Derroll Adams: Along The Way (1976)

By other artists

Songs only recorded by other artists
Droppin’ Out by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band (1968)
Woman Child by Marsha Hunt (1969)
4th Hour of My Sleep by Ronno
Aged Woman, Peasant Girl by Derroll Adams’ (1974)
So It Goes by Hot Vultures (1975)


‘Helena’ (Swedish) by Cornelis Vreeswijk (1972)
‘Helena’ (Dutch) by Cornelis Vreeswijk (1972)
‘Es cheibe Meitli’ by Franz Hohler (1973)
Another Normal Day by Hot Vultures (1975)
Oregon by Derroll Adams (1977)
Old-Fashioned Shotgun Wedding by Wizz Jones (1977)
Handful Of Rain by Hot Vultures (1977)
Taoist Tale by Maggie Holland (1995)
Taoist Tale by Wood-Wilson-Carthy (1998)
Taoist Tale by Nic Jones (2001)